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Quantum Field Psychology

Quantum Field Psychology digests the best of major theories of Psychology and goes beyond them exposing the kernel of truth from each theory to build a towering set of life-changing principles.

Imagine a Theory that brings it all together for the first time in history. A Theory that integrates science, religion, spirituality, Eastern and Western thought…


Mind Blowing Research

Dr. Ron

We are looking for any and all research the world over, about one of our major categories:

(1) Proof that the mind is an energy field that transcends the physical brain.

(2) Proof that thought energy can be measured, projecting beyond the brain.

If you have any information on this, please send it to:


We might be able to include you in our new film currently in production, The Question.


Dr. Ron Dalrymple. 

Please, all comments are welcome.



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Quantum Field Psychology


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