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Mentality of Tribal Warfare

     There is no greater prison than a mind enslaved by delusions or false beliefs.

     One common delusion is that of tribal warfare, where groups of people are organized by ideology or shared common traits, lineage, or other factors, and are turned against other groups to induce conflict or war.

     What we must realize and share with others is that we are not separate tribes, but rather, one people, united by a common bond with Divine Power, Presence and Consciousness.

     One common people separated only by ideology, race, ethnicity or culture, all of which pale in comparison to the enormity of the Divine Potential we each share.

     Let us not be misled by ego, the false deceiver within composed of fear, anger, guilt, depression or other negative emotions, and their corresponding false beliefs.

     The seed-atom of Divine Consciousness is within each of us, awaiting for our attention to awaken it.

     It is time for the entire world to wake-up. 

     Dr. Ron.

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